Super S6xy at RTO 2018


Back row (LtoR): Jayson, Bryce, Abe, Nick, Jadd, Jeff, Chelsea, Drew and Mike Front row (LtoR): Cortney, Mone’ Gina, Angie, Dru, Trevor, Dave, Jackie and Heather photo credit: Nick and Angie’s next-door neighbor who had to listen to us prepping on the morning of the race for a couple of hours before departure

“The Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Relay Run Adventure (RTO) is a relay from Reno to Lake Tahoe and back to Reno mRTO-map-1aking a large 178 mile loop around the Reno-Tahoe region.

The course is divided into 36 legs or segments, with each leg averaging about 5 miles.

The maximum number of runners that you may have on an RTO team is twelve (12). The relay is ideally suited for 12 person teams with each person running 3 legs. Ultra teams of six (6) or less persons are allowed.” –


As you may be able to tell from the photo above, we had three Ultra teams of six people each named as follows:  Wakeup S6x, Breakup S6x and Makeup S6x.  Interpret those names how you will… The brain child behind these team names and the man responsible for herding all of us together was our ever organized, sarcastic and enthusiastic team captain, Nick.

There’s a long history to this group of people running this race going all the way back to 2012.  Some have been consistent participants from the get go, while some of us have participated in a few, but not all and lastly, some of us who were brand new to the crew this year. Regardless of our s6xy status, one thing was for sure – we all had a blast!

Nick took care to evenly distribute our runners (based on 10K pace times) across the three teams so that we would have the maximum potential to leap-frog the teams and the vans as well as the runners within each team.  Although he could have compiled a team of 6 ridiculously fast people to actually try to win the race, this event for this group, is more about having fun with and entertaining each other.

The chain of emails containing 10% logistics and 90% smack-talking, began nearly a year before the race itself and continued in varying degrees of frequency and content right up until the day of.  There were references to Tiny Tim in a too small reflective vest,  guys in short shorts (see photo of our amazing Toucan Boa shorts), down onesie running thermals, baked goods and a whole host of references to s6x.  While we all range in age from 30 to 40 (and a lot of us have kids of our own), our maturity level and sense of humor never progressed past junior high school.

I struggle to put into words how amazing this race was with these phenomenal people. Even with sleep deprivation, sour stomachs, heat during the day and freezing cold at night, we all had a blast and sported the endorphin glow for days, ok at least a week, after. Each time we got to relive it through pictures or videos the glow brightened back up a bit.

On that note, Dave put a highlight reel together which does a much better job of summarizing the experience than I could ever do through words.  Thank you to Dave Weisgerber for the video and to the entire team for photos and the good times!




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